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Pasta, Pizza, and Bocconi! Sample Essay!

NO SHAME! Food is the perfect reason to go to Bocconi in Milan!

The MSc Finance program at Bocconi is industry leading in that it is strongly geared towards obtaining real world experiences and contexts. For example, it is a program partner with the CFA Institute, which means that the university is sensitive to the trends and movements of the industry, and provides up-to-date learning on the concepts currently valued by top professionals in the field. Furthermore, with the heavy use of case studies, hands-on lab sessions, simulated trading, and opportunities to hear leaders from top financial institutions speak, students are encouraged to learn in the dynamic environment of what is beyond the campus. Finally, there is also an opportunity to go on study exchange during the second year of studies, which is a valuable asset in the globalized state of financial markets today. I look forward to working with top researchers in this field, such as Professor Carlo Favero, whose work on financial econometric models to measure risk synergizes well with my own interests in using modelling and theoretical approaches to find solutions from actual data. I am excited to discuss further how I can contribute to, and be enriched by, Bocconi’s world-renowned educational program, towards my career objectives of either pursuing a PhD in the field, or entering the banking industry.

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