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Success Stories: The Little Mermaid - Getting into UCSD! Go Tritons!

Here is a sample successful essay for UCSD:

As a foodie, I was super excited when my data science professor announced that we would be working on a stimulating group project called the Yelp map. This project was exciting for me because it was an opportunity to combine my knowledge of python and my ability to work with a diverse team in order to make a product that can project the “taste preferences” of specific person.

Although the Yelp project was challenging, I learned the importance of delegating work effectively using technical python modeling and interpersonal skills to create cohesive project work. The project required us to take data points such as a person’s geography, ethnicity, and places reviewed, ratings distribution, and other measurable data points in order to map a taste preference for individual users. Because a team can be greater than the sum of its parts, I learned that is very important to cooperate with my teammates because all of us had different backgrounds. One of my classmates had experience working in Accenture and was good at managing data tables. On my part, I was able to support the group through my statistical knowledge—we all complemented each other.

I truly felt that this project was a success because of the collaboration and team chemistry we achieved, as well as the applause of our professor upon the completion of our presentation.

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