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Success Stories: George Washington a templar in Assassin's Creed? Master of Accounting at George

Intriguing title right? Well, lucky for you, this intriguing title has led you to a sample essay excerpt for GWU!

A Master of Accountancy (MAccy) degree from GWU will allow me to gain the academic and professional credentials to elevate my career at a Big 4 firm and then later as a CFO in a large private company. While I initially started in supply chain management, I began to love the accounting process after my first accounting course. I enjoyed being able to measure the overall profitability of a company by navigating the three statements and seeing how adjustments in one line item can affect a company’s cash position. Throughout my undergraduate studies and internships, I have accumulated accounting experience that I would like to continue to build on at GWU and in my career as a professional accountant.

As an intern at EY, I analyzed and reviewed financial statements to perform tie outs and conduct various test work for clients in a variety of industries. Together with audit teams, I prepared and verified reports, such as 10-Qs and press releases. I paid close attention to the spreadsheets that were given to me, as every detail and number has the potential to significantly impact the finances of my client. While my experience at EY was relatively short, I worked hard to gain significant exposure to the financial processes of various clients and successfully completed all my deliverables accurately and in a timely manner. I greatly enjoyed working and collaborating with different engagement teams throughout the internship, and I hope to continue this spirit of collaboration at GWU. My ideal career fits the work that I did at EY and the GWU MAccy will help me move towards my short-term goal as an audit associate at a Big 4 firm.

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