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Success Stories: New York University (NYU)

NYU is known to have a strong arts program. We have helped numerous students get in NYU and would love to help you get as well.

Please find an attached sample paragraph for your reference. Happy reading!

While I was an exchange student in Leicester, United Kingdom, it was the first time I lived alone on a foreign land. In order to overcome the cultural barriers, I seized every chance to practice, including participating in class discussions actively and joining in different socials and club activities. Gradually, I grew more confident communicating and made a couple of good friends, two of whom introduced me to their faith community. On Christmas Sunday at church, we shared cuisines and then acted out a plot impromptu. Dressing as a combination of reindeer and angel, while listening to the live gospels, I had lots of fun with people of various cultural backgrounds around, laughing all the time. Reflecting on that moment makes me realize how far I have come from the girl sitting in her room alone after class.

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