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Success Stories: Fordham Gabelli School of Business!

Fordham is a top school in New York with a very international alumni base! Learn how to get in by visiting us at!

Essay Sample

Fordham provides excellent and diverse coursework that showcases the school’s prowess in accounting. At Fordham, I hope to take classes from a range of accounting specialties to broaden my knowledge of the field and gain the important tools needed to be an effective accountant. In particular, I look forward to taking “Financial Statement Analysis”, “International Accounting”, and “Internal Reporting and Control”, which are courses that focus on key financial statement auditing and analysis. The comprehensive core that focuses on accounting, communication, and research courses will enable me to better appreciate the intricacies of a company’s finances. Furthermore, the ability to customize electives and courses for a minor concentration is very unique to Gabelli and enables me to explore my interests that directly apply to my career. The opportunity to learn from Gabelli faculty who are working professionals is an edge in recruitment and a major plus.

I would like to learn from Gabelli professors such as Matthew Brodie, who has accumulated extensive experience in Big 4 accounting and tax. As I take classes and undertake internships, I hope to learn more about the accounting department’s work and participate in the innovative research and teaching. My internships and accounting knowledge will provide the technical capability to understand the faculty’s areas of focus and contribute to it. The expansive Fordham career resources, including the various seminars and training programs, will give me opportunities to learn from finance and accounting experts and see how accounting can be applied in fields such as investment banking.

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