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Success Stories: Be Merry at William and Mary!

William and Merry is a good middle-ranked school that is very respectable. Here's how to get in!

Essay Excerpt:

My sociable and open-minded qualities were exhibited while I was a honorary secretary of the Dance society. I was responsible for connecting current members with former members through networking events, as well as organizing social events to create a sense of camaraderie within the group. Further, I enjoyed interacting with my dance team members, who were from different backgrounds and cultures, and encouraged them to be open about new ideas and ways to improve the organization. The cohesiveness of the group led to us winning the Joint-University Dance Competition in Winter 2015. This was no small feat—we practiced 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for almost two months during semester break. I taught the importance of preparation to my members and we worked long into the night to perfect our routines. Over time, however, some of my teammates were injured and some got frustrated and depressed, but I worked with them to mentor and keep their motivation up. I led many dance team practices and addressed conflicts when they arose. By the end of the training program, we had all become perfectionists with high expectations on each other. My overall experience with the team was magical, and our dance group was praised for our well-timed routine and exemplary performance in competition.

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