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Success Stories: Want to be an Anteater? Apply to UC Irvine today!

Yes, UCI is a lesser known school in the UC System. Let's be honest though - everyone needs a backup school. UCI is an excellent choice!

Essay Sample:

My work at EY exposed me to active leadership roles in projects within my group. In one instance, I worked directly with a manager to prepare a financial statements summary for a manufacturing company. I prepared tables and charts to help my manager analyze the company’s financial structure and provide additional insights on their potential needs. My manager was going to have an urgent meeting with the CFO of that company and since I had been staffed on this project for a longer period, I immediately took the leadership role and delegated work to other interns to organize the information and presentations needed. I gathered the other interns with my manager and presented to them the information that we needed to analyze and collate for the meeting. I guided the team on the peculiarities of this particular company and what accounting treatment should be applied to their statements, also drawing from my engineering background. With my team, I worked closely with my manager to make sure that we were getting the client deliverables correct and on time. The experience built my applied technical knowledge and gave me insights on the importance of teamwork and preparation to the success of engagements. Though I had to work late into the night, the work received positive feedback from the CFO and we were able to close the client engagement successfully.

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