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Chicago Investment Banking and Finance Interview Collection - Blackrock, Marathon Investment Banking

Marathon Chicago Investment Banking – Analyst

What are the three financial statements and how do they link together

  • Easy

Walk me through a DCF of an airline company?

  • Easy, standard DCF process

  • Can mention the difficulty of projecting the revenue generated out of each route

Would WACC be higher levered or unlevered?

  • WACC is higher unlevered

  • Can also say WACC becomes higher levered if too much debt/close to distressed situation

Broadhaven Capital Partners Chicago Investment Banking – Analyst

Pitch me a stock

  • Don’t use food companies as examples, since mostly low growth so does not get people excited

  • Tech is probably better

What is one M&A deal you have been looking at recently?

  • Make sure you know how the synergies would be realized, i.e. consolidation of bank branches, etc.

What happens to all FS when depreciation increases by 10?

  • M&I

Optum Corporate Development – Analyst

  1. Walk me though a DCF

  • Easy

Why would a company do an M&A deal?

  • P/E of buyer is higher, mention financing mix and synergies

  • Only if accretive to EPS

  • Can also say because of expansion needs, potentially lowers WACC, expanded distribution and product lines,…

Interest in Minnesota?

  • Mention sports teams like Timberwolves, young team with a budding star so fun to watch

  • Naturally adventurous

Blackrock Institutional Client Businesses (Official Institutions Group) New York – Analyst

  1. What do you know about Blackrock?

  2. Tell me about Blackrock’s Bond ETFs?

  • Money flows increased to ETFs due to Bill Gross departure from PIMCO

  • Mentioned performance of Treasury bonds ETF

Resume more suited for investment banking and equity research? Why investments/asset management?

Do you see yourself as an investor or lead account manager?

  • A bit of both—exciting to be actively involved in the markets as an investor but love the client facing role

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