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Success Stories: Trip to Nashville? Vanderbilt Owen MBA!

Poets & Quants writes that to recruiters, Vanderbilt Owen students are "as sharp as the Wharton and Booth kids without the attitude.” If you want a smaller class-size, strong placements, and southern hospitality, Vanderbilt may be the place for you.

Here is a successful essay for your reference.

An Owen MBA is a critical step towards my short-term goal of working in management consulting. I look forward to the opportunity to learn about implementing empirical methods to measure performance, as well as data-driven decision making, at Vanderbilt.

I would especially love to gain experience in strategy consulting, preferably in an industry that I am passionate about. These include the retail and finance industries because my family owns malls and banks, and exposure to these from a young age have left me with a strong curiosity for these fields. I am also fascinated by the energy industry because of my passion and background in geography. I am particularly excited to work in the strategy division of one of Owen’s top hiring companies, such as Deloitte, Procter & Gamble, or Johnson & Johnson, or a similar company with a strong emerging markets presence.

My upbringing in international schools and exposure to South-east Asian markets have equipped me with a global viewpoint. At Bank of Singapore, I evaluated client credit proposals for the Credit Risk Management team for high net-worth individuals in London, Singapore, and Malaysia. With Grant Thornton’s Financial Advisory, I conducted risk-analyses and internal audit advisory services for corporate clients, and evaluated the effective use of grants for loan projects in Tanzania, Kenya, and Indonesia.

Furthermore, at EY in San Francisco, I honed my passion and skill in leading people, through managing teams of 2-5 analysts from our India office in our engagements with blue-chip clientele such as Google. I also improved my technical skills and emotional intelligence by managing and working with staff across multiple service lines, locally and globally, to drive measurable results across several engagements such as Google’s goodwill reorganization, and other high-profile valuation engagements.

Finally, apart from professional work experience, I have learned the fundamental skills required to start a business: I directly advised and founded two startups in the educational consulting space, GoFurther Careers and ProWrite.

In sum, I strongly believe my global perspective, diverse team-oriented management experience, and entrepreneurial spirit will contribute to my professional success after completion of an MBA.

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