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JP Morgan NYC and Singapore Questions | GFC Technical Interview Series

J.P. Morgan (NYC) – Investment Banking Summer Analyst

* First Rounds and Super Day

Pitch me a stock

  • Know the multiples, margins, why you think the market might be wrong, % potential upside?

  1. Walk me through a DCF for the stock?

  2. How would oil affect your home country/USA/stock indices?

  3. What are the important considerations for a PE firm

  4. What industry would have a higher multiple, airlines or food?

  • Food, because airlines are more volatile and cash flows can be prone to input price changes

What are the appropriate multiples to use when valuing banks/financial institutions?

  • P/BV, P/E, basically equity valuations

JP Morgan HK & Singapore (Global Wealth Management) – Analyst

JP Morgan in the news/any news on our CEO?

What financial news have you read? Why focus on this specific region?

What makes JPM Wealth Management unique from the rest?

  • Mention integrated platform

Who are our main competitors?

  • CS, UBS, regional banks like Bank of Singapore, DBS

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