Bank Specific Emails | GoFurther Networking Series


Hi Ozan,

Thank you for your email! Saturday this weekend would be fine, please let me know how your schedule looks.

I was also able to chat with Rohan Sharma on his experiences and my strong interest in Lazard--I am very excited to continue the conversation with you!

I'd also like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a great day,


Hi Ozan,

Thank you very much for your time last night and for your insight on the analyst experience at Lazard Middle Market!

It was great speaking with you and Rohan on the experience at Lazard and its M&A practice, which aligns very well with my interests. I particularly loved our talk on the culture of the office and on your lead role in the deals since you started with Lazard. I really appreciate our conversation, as I have Lazard as a top choice moving into the recruiting season.

I also wanted to attach an updated resume (I know that Lazard wanted us to list relevant coursework).

I realize that the office is quite busy, but I'd also be very interested in talking to an associate/VP on their work at Lazard Middle Market and get their perspective.

Thank you again for the assistance!

Best, --


Dear Jordan,

I am writing to again express interest in the Greenhill Investment Banking Summer Analyst--I have applied and submitted my resume on the [insert School Name] career advancement website.

Greenhill's multinational and entrepreneurial culture, as well as its strong deal teams that have advised on many major acquisitions, set the firm apart from others in its space and excites me for the position.

My summer experience at Ernst & Young's Valuation and Business Modeling team has furthered my interest in investment banking and exposed me to valuation and deal experience.

I have also reached out to Lokesh Anand, a current analyst, on the possibility of a chat on his experiences at the company, especially coming from [insert School Name]. I would love an opportunity to interview and continue the conversation.

Best Regards, --